Leader in Innovative Building Decoration Products and Architectural Designs.

We are not just brand owners, but we are also designers, manufacturers and suppliers.

We focus on producing quality and innovative products with the latest technology. The entire production process takes place in the 8,000 square meter Fameline Factory where custom design process are also developed to meet the needs and expectations of unique design.

With over 20 years of experience.

Fameline has earned the trust of architects and designers around the world. We offer consultation and participation in design procedures and with continuous human development. Our products are also part of the construction of a larger project. Both at home an abroad from residential buildings to massive public buildings. It is safe to say that you can put your trust and confidence in our hands that Fameline can offer the best for every single customer.

Our mission

Fameline is a creator and developer of architectural products and services for buildings and residences with the ambition to enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to building a better world.

Our Vision


Fameline sets sights on being recognized as the leader of innovative architectural products in the ASIA region. Fameline strives to create on ceilings, walls, roofs and facade for buildings that comprehensively meets and exceeds customers’ satisfaction and expectations in all aspects including design, quality, application, and worthiness and more.


Fameline will always be the first selection and first brand name that comes to the minds of customers and designers, project owners, and contractors nationwide.


Fameline strongly aspires to foster and nurture working cultures that are active, professional, and service-minded for utmost customers’ satisfaction.

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