Key factors that determine an effective entrance mat system

First Impression

Entrance mats are the first thing to greet your visitors upon entering your premises.

You want your entrance mats to make a remarkable first impression by creating an environment that appears pristine, polished, and inviting.


Entrance Flooring Systems Association

According to a laboratory test done by Entrance Flooring Systems Association (EFSA) in the UK, you should consider these key factors when choosing an effective entrance matting system.

  • Peak Flow Rate: The key times of the day when people enter or exit your premises.
  • Length of Mat: The length installed should correlate with the number of people entering the building per hour.
  • Environmental: An entrance mat installed externally needs to be of a higher grade than an internally installed one.
  • Sustainability: Highly recycled materials used in the manufacturing of the entrance mat are highly favored compared to those that are not

Key Factors to Consider

A new entrance mat will keep your premises pristine for some time, yet if there is a high frequency of foot traffic, it can deteriorate rapidly. Investing in a top-grade, superior option can prevent the hassle of having to replace it too often. That is why we have created this ultimate guide to help you choose an effective entrance mat system.

01. Safe Surface

The entrance mat needs to be non-slip, even when wet, to ensure a safe walking surface for any types of footwear.

02. Clean Floors

The entrance mat needs to abrade dirt from your visitors’ shoes as they walk across it, keeping your floors clean.

03. Absorbs Water

The entrance mat needs to absorb water from footwear, to keep your floors dry and reduce the potential for slips.

04. Looks Great

Your entrance mat needs to be aesthetically pleasing to seamlessly blend with the your interior designs.

Fameline Entrance Mats are tested to the following test standards

Static Coefficient of Friction: ASTM D2047 “Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polished-Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine” 

Ignition Characteristics: ASTM D2859 “Standard Test Method for Ignition Characteristics of Finished Textile Floor Covering Materials”

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