We have the potential and professionalism to do business in various fields.

Performance Louver

Stop Rain ingression, provide airflow performance and resolve noise propagation. Series of models cater for different design criteria and requirements to make the facade beautiful.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

It functions as a heat protector for the building and a feature as resistant to humidity and water, good sound insulation and thermal resistance. Endless possibility in application for interior and exterior.

Metal Ceiling

Ceiling systems are designed and developed for a wide range of applications. It can installed both inside and outside the building and are used for decorating for aesthetics and neatness.

Entrance Mat

It is the perfect entrance flooring solution for buildings in moderate to heavy duty use as offices, shops, hotels, and banks, and where color and design specification is often as critical as dirt stopping capabilities.

Solid Perforated Aluminium

The skills in aluminum work and architectural knowledge. We can assure that any aluminum work will be completed with aesthetic and functional benefits.

Acoustic Louver

To mimimize sound levels that escape from exterior or interior walls and also offer a good water penetration protection and airflow performance with excellent sound attenuation.

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